Restoration & Wood Refurbisher

As a studio artist that specializes in working with wood and woodturning, occasionally inquiries are sent to me for restoration work from Constructors, Home Owners, Interior Designers, Art Gallery Owners, and Restoration Companies. With 30 plus years I have seen damage caused due to mishandling a piece of wood art, fire damage, turning replacement spindles (40), constructing and turning large columns, rebuilding a Long Stem Peace Pipe, and repairing Urns and Exotic Salad Bowls.

Over the years my shop has been tasked with various refurbishing activities from cleaning and rebuilding a finish, extensive repairs, full restoration work, and I’m proud of and confident in the quality of my work. Even the most damaged work can be fixed with stunning results and I will be the first to tell when it is not feasible.

To receive a quote, ​please send digital photos of the damaged artwork and a detailed description of the damage as well as issues with your artwork to my email at or see our contact page here. The more detail you add, will make it easier to determine an initial course of action. Based on your photos and information provided a preliminary assessment will be developed. A full evaluation cannot be completed until I see the piece firsthand at which time a complete and comprehensive proposal will be generated for your review. In reflection, I have repaired and refurbished a number of pieces from as far as Hawaii to as close as Bethel Park and a number of places in between over the last 30 plus years.

Your satisfaction is very important to me. Everything possible will be done to help you understand the parameters of the work proposed for you. Every effort will be made to maintain my customers’ satisfaction with high quality work. My business is built largely on the basis of referrals, and I will do all I can to earn yours.

Recent Example

Most recently I was entrusted to repair one of my own creations. Roughly 5 years ago, I was commissioned by a longtime collector of my work to create a Lidded Vessel from a Yew tree that his Grandmother planted on their family estate nearly 100 plus years ago. One evening at his home the vessel was being admired by his guest, it was dropped and damaged hence the second commission to repair as well as refurbish this original commissioned Lidded Vessel. Taking on this project presented a number of unusual pitfalls especially with the thinly turned walls and the location of the hole in this vessel. The owner wanted the vessel back fully intact and completely functional with minimal evidence of the accident. Experiments were conducted with various fixes, and those test repairs and experiments proved priceless, resulting with this Lidded Vessel entirely repaired, restored, and returned to its owner.

Before restoration
After restoration