As a Studio Artist, I love to explore and experiment with taking a raw piece of wood beyond just that of a simple wood turning. Pieces featured on this page are works in which I have added much more detail through various carving and shaping techniques. These extra features are added to a nearly completed turning using an artist eye and an analytical thought process where I think it just needs something more. This something more may be needed to accentuate natural defects in the wood, or perhaps just to draw your attention to a special feature of the design.

As that studio artist, I am constantly experimenting and continually try to push each creation to its limit of shape, balance, and eye appeal. Pushing each creation to its limit, is extremely satisfying to me. And so, may I present to you on this page, the results of my latest work.

We cherish the pieces that we acquired and look forward to adding more.

— Michael and Sheila Hughes