When first introduced to Edric’s work, I wondered if his engineering background was the secret to his stunning pieces, understanding the strengths and tolerances of the material. As I got to know the artist a little better, I decided it must be his artful eye and appreciation for nature’s gifts that distinguish his art. But no, now that I am a proud owner of some his work, I have the answer! He is a magician.

Sally Zehmisch, Seven Fields, PA

Edric’s pieces are wonderful expressions of his creative skills and imagination. His work has matured from simple platters and bowls to artistic creations you find yourself gazing upon from all different angles. But you cannot just look at them; they beg you to touch them / hold them and only then will you begin to really appreciate them.

I will forever be a proud collector who realizes their delicate beauty and emotional power.

David A Clark – Venetia, PA

I’ve been a long distance admirer of Edric’s work for a number of years even before I started collecting his work. I’ve been so impressed with his work that I’ve started commissioning Edric for his smaller more functional creations and giving them to my family as gifts.

I’m now enamored with his signature one-of –a-kind Puka and Pua pieces (Polynesia influences add a bit of flare to his already distinct style) and more recently his whimsical teapot series have piqued my interest, and I can’t wait till his next creations are presented.

Myrna Hardin, Waianae, HI

We have had the pleasure of seeing Edric’s work first hand over the last 7 years or so, from newer more artistic creations to functional pieces.  It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Edric regarding his in-the-works-pieces and watch what unfolds.

We cherish the pieces that we acquired and look forward to adding more.

Michael and Sheila Hughes, Nevillewood, PA

We have the pleasure of owning several of Edric’s turnings. Our pieces span his turning career, and they truly substantiate Edric’s amazing evolution. Our pieces range from a simple beverage holder to an exquisitely crafted vessel, which seemingly defies logic in its creation.

Some of the pieces that are in use around our home include a fruit bowl, beverage holders and Christmas ornaments. Other decorative pieces are proudly displayed for all our family and friends to admire.

Edric’s ability to take a rough piece of wood destined for the fire pit and give it new life is truly a special talent. The expression of his creativity along with his mastered skills results in a brilliantly unique work of art.

The many hours put into these pieces, along with the patience and vision to push some of the them seemingly beyond their limits set Edric’s artistic ability apart [and we feel above] others in the woodturning community.

Debbie and Anthony Lanzilatti, Aliquippa, PA

I first came across Edric’s work in 1994, when he was exhibiting at the Shadyside Art Festival, in Pittsburgh. I was immediately struck by his artistic temperament which characterized his turnings and that resonated with my appreciation of the natural world, and in particular, trees and the uses of their wood, which I had studied since I was a child. As I was at that time a professional photographer specializing in portraying fine works of art and craftsmanship, I left a card with him after a wonderful conversation. Well, the rest is sort of a history.

I was honored to become the personal photographer of his amazing works of art for many years, and also being a web-designer, I created a first website for him, which has now become out-dated, partly due to technology changes. Along the way, I enthusiastically gathered various wonderful pieces of wood in my forest walks, from which Edric made some of my favorite turnings. He had the knack of turning what others might have considered firewood into amazing sculptural and functional art, and on top of that, his mastery of the technical skills of woodturning made it seem as if he could turn straw into gold. When I saw that he could do such, I asked him to teach me how to turn, and he helped me acquire a lathe and spent endless hours patiently teaching me the basic skills of woodturning. From that moment on, I was hooked, and though it has now been many years since I have actually made any of my own woodturned art, I am still hooked by what Edric continues to create, pushing the envelope of this art further and further so beautifully.

Over the years I have gathered a fair number of Edric’s best works, and I am very selective and discriminating when it comes to purchasing another person’s works of art. To date (though I may have forgotten a few things), I have now acquired 30 of what I consider to be some of the finest of Edric’s turnings for my private collection, the latest being a wonderful Spalted Maple bowl that was recently exhibited at the 3d @ MGG show at the Morgan Glass Gallery. However, it doesn’t stop there. Every time I have a wonderful piece of wood that is from a tree I grew, or more likely a tree my grandmother grew almost a hundred years ago, I have commissioned Edric to create for me with his own imagination something very special and unique out of these very precious heirlooms. I have yet to be disappointed, and am always amazed to see how Edric can see somehow into the inner soul of a piece of wood, and discern in what way its potential beauty might be truly and imaginatively best revealed. I count myself very fortunate by chance to have met this wonderful artist, and look forward to all his future creations.

Peter Shefler, Gibsonia, PA

I had the opportunity to meet Edric and see his work firsthand in 2013 at his Open Studio. At that time I learned about commissioning an artist and more about his work. Well, after several follow-up meetings, where we discussed a budget, and design possibilities, I decided to commission him; we came to an agreement and worked out a schedule. And I have to say “hats off to you for your expertise, craftsmanship, patience and uniqueness”. Our eleven grandchildren were excited, happy and thankful for the distinctive birthday gifts they received.

Now when I have a chance to visit each one of them and see your creations on display my heart smiles – for I know long after I’m gone the grandchildren will remember me when looking at your artwork.

I’ve enjoyed doing business with you and your wife.

Thank you.

Maureen Lucchitti, Bethel Park, PA