All of my artistic /one of a kind pieces are handled, packaged, and shipped from our studio space in a sound and solid packing enclosure. What this means is a piece or pieces are gingerly wrapped in bubble wrap before it is placed in the first box which is large enough in size to be filled with pellets or air packets for maximum protection and to minimize movement of the shipped piece.

Box no.1 is now tagged with the shipping destination information (as a precaution) before it is placed into a second slightly larger box (double boxed). The second box is sized with at least 1 to 2 inches of space for pellets or air packets on all six sides. All seams are wrapped and reinforced.

The complete package is shipped through the most economical means unless a customer dictates otherwise. We will request that each package is tracked for shipping progress and peace of mind and, additionally, we insure the piece(s) for its face value. At this point we will bill the client’s credit card for the S&H cost.

This practice has been adjusted over the years as a means to afford clients a bit of comfort knowing that their purchase should arrive safely and intact. With over 25 years of shipping my turned pieces to Asia, Europe and all over North America we assure you that we take extreme measures to minimize all shipping and handling problems; outside of me personally delivering the piece there is not much more I can do.



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